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The first thing your visitor will see when they come to your property is your gate. Adding prestige and an important security feature to your property while protecting your family from intruders is what you get when you add a driveway gate to your entrance. With the automated option, you get to stay in your car during the winter time with the wireless controls to open your gate remotely.


Besides the gate automation, you will also have to think about what type of gate automation you are looking for (sliding gate, swinging gate, barrier arm gate), what type of materials you want the gates to be made of (aluminum, wood, steel) and what building material you want for your gate posts (cement, aluminum, natural stone, decorative stone). The last thing to figure out is if your municipality has any regulations for your entrance gate.

When choosing your gate automation products, it is important to ask the right questions such as where the product was made and for what types of weather, what is the durability and the warranties offered by the manufacturer. With tough winters and cold weathers, you need a product that will work. Before buying gate operators at a low cost, think about it twice because over the long term, you might need to replace parts, a regular maintenance and eventually replace the operators because they were not suitable for your climate. For example, gate operators that work in Florida might not be suitable for Quebec and Ontario weathers.


Speaking of climate, you have probably seen uneven gates in the past, when you look at them they are not straight. The main reason is because the gates and pillars move over time with frost. Having a good foundation from the start is key. MasterGatePlus has developped a patented prefabricated gate concept to fix this issue.

Various options are offered to you to control your gate remotely, such has wireless remotes for example.

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The advantages of an automated gate 


More an more people are buying gates to secure their property due to their ease of use with wireless remotes, keypad and code entry systems and wireless phone controls (mobile app) etc.

When you are buying a gate, you are also buying a piece of mind when kids are playing near the road, when you leave the house you know your entrance is protected against thieves. Add cameras to your driveway gate and know exactly who is there and when.


The aesthetic part of having a gate is also interesting. When you sell your house, people will love that aspect. Buying a gate is a good investment.

How about the disadvantages?


Some people will say that gates can be costly, but with a lasting solution like the one MasterGatePlus is offering, the little maintenance costs will save you over time. Choosing the right materials, a good foundation and the best gate automation for the Quebec and Ontario climate is key.


The question of snow accumulation is often asked by people, the answer is that your gate will not replace your snowplow truck. During snowstorms, it is important to clean your driveway properly for a smooth functionning of your gate operators. The safety sensors in the gate operators allows the gate to stop before getting damaged when it senses an obstacle, like snow for example.


What if you run of of power? Make sure you get the battery backup system when buying your gate operators.

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What is the best type of gate automation for my gates?


Gate automation for swing gates


The most popular choice for residential gates is the swing gate operators, working with endless screws. It's a logical choice for aluminum swing gates as well as wood and steel gates. It can also serve light commercial purposes such as a 400 cycles per day for example.


Advantages :


  • Subtle and aesthetic look (behing the gates)

  • Solid and reliable

  • Gates up to 850lbs.


There is also the choice for swing gates operators working with arms, which are a lot bigger and less aethetics but can be good for long and big heavy gates.

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Gate automation for sliding gates


The most popular option for commercial properties, the sliding gate automation offers solidity. The chain system is often used for sliding gates, but ice and snow forming around the chain could break it and requires more maintenance. We suggest using a rack and pinion gate automation for your sliding gate which are more durable and reliable. In order to use this system, you need a stable gate that will not move over time, such as the prefabricated gates offered by MasterGatePlus.


Advantages :

  • Increased stability

  • Large operating cycles

  • Price (usually less expansive than swing gate operators)

  • Operating weight uo to 650lbs and more


There is also the choice of barrier arm gates, which are oftentimes seen at hospital entrances for example. This type of barrier offers a lower degree of security but is made for an intense use.


If you would like to have a second opinion for your gate design, you might want to look at this article from Impressive Interior Design.

You will now be better buyers when making asking questions about which type of gate operators is best for your needs. You have more questions and would like to get answers for your gate project? Contact us now, we can help you!

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