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3 Things you should consider when buying an automated driveway gate


You are looking to buy a new automated driveway gate for your residential or commercial entrance and you are not sure what is the best option for you. Here is what you should be looking at.


  1. Identify Your Needs: Security and Prestige


That you are looking to stop people from driving into your driveway, or that you don’t want anyone to walk on your property, or looking to keep your children and dog safe, there are various options for you. Both swing gates and sliding gates can be made in different height and length, depending on your type of needs.


You are probably looking at convenience. You probably don’t want to get out of the car during the winter time to open your gates. The automated gates can be opened remotely with your phone, a wireless remote, remote controls and various access control solutions.


Besides the security aspect, you might also want to add a touch of prestige to your property. Buying a driveway gate for your property is a real investment that will last over time. Defining your entrance with a custom gate adds a touch of prestige. Let people see your address by adding your address number in front of your pillars. At night, you will see your driveway with the front lights of your pillars.


One side note, tther types of gates such as barrier arms are offered for commercial parking lots like hospitals for example.


  2. Durability: The Right Gate for Your Entrance.


Size matters:


The size of your driveway will also be important to consider when choosing your driveway gate. The wider your entrance is, the more chance you have to choose the sliding gate option. Imagine a 30’ wide entrance. The swing gates would offer 2 panels of 15’ each to cover the entrance. Now, it is feasible to have such swing gates, but you have to think about the weight of each gates, Winter and the snow storms (a lot of maintenance), the site configuration (is it windy in your area for example?) etc. Swing gates are excellent for entrances that are less than 20’. Sliding gates are also more resistant to wind. The maximum length per panel that we suggest is 30’, otherwise we would suggest having two gates, one on each side of the entrance.


Materials and gate conception:


Winters are tough in Canada. The frost is not only damageable to our roads but to gates. The patented U shaped structure offers the solution to gate movement. Keep your gates straight and leveled at all times. When you invest that kind of money, you are probably looking at a product that will last. Choosing an aluminum gate is also a great option for your gate design. Aluminum gates with a powder coating finish will certainly give you the optimal look and durability over time.


Gate automation:


The question we often get from our clients is, will it work during the Winter time. The answer is yes. We work the LiftMaster for all of our swing gate projects and we have developed our own system for the sliding gates. No matter what temperature, our automation systems have been tested and proven to work 365 days a year for both Quebec and Ontario weather. All of the gate operators that we sell have the solar options available. One thing remains, you still have to clear your driveway during Winter time!


  3. Budget: Investing following a budget

Not everyone as an unlimited budget when comes the time to invest in a driveway gate. If you are looking for the simplest gate and the lower cost, first you would be looking at have a manual sliding gate. Then you should consider the automated sliding gate. Then swing gates, both manual and automated should be considered when you are looking at something fancier.


For more information, call us at 1-888-519-4283 or visit our website for more information. Our team of specialists would be more than happy to guide you for your next gate purchase.

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